Thứ Ba, 17 tháng 1, 2017

Business in the Age of Information

For every new discovery in technology, there is always a price to pay.

It is evident that now is not the age of manual labor. Businessmen of today are exploring technology and the use of computers and robotics to replace whatever they can with automation.

Machines have always been lurking around the corner waiting for the right engineer, the right scientist, waiting for their time in the industry. And now they have it.

Big manufacturing companies have already started replacing human effort with machine work. Yes, the presence of manual labor is subsisting but is not in demand as it was before.

Let’s date back to the simplest machines that were built to reduce manual labor.

Sewing machines. A sewing machine can finish sewing a pair of pants in less than 15 minutes; like ten times faster than a man with a pair of hands.

Calculators. A few pushes on the button gives you the arithmetic result in less than a second.

But what about today’s technology that are making a huge impact on the way businesses run their day to day transactions? These are called business technology systems.

An accounting software can replace the task of hundreds of employees. A data management tool can replace thousands. A simple telephone call saves the business a lot of time compared the snail mail system.

Machines work faster than humans; they work more accurately than humans, they require less time and they require less maintenance.


The industrial age has ended and it is now the age of information. Businesses that are trying to survive every day with the mindset of being in the industrial age are not going to make it.

The rising economic problem is continuously spreading globally; and with a speed faster than the attempts to solve them, we are leaning towards an economy of jobless fresh graduates—or worse, disappearing opportunities, shut down companies.

So for every business that is currently holding on, we hope they keep being at par with business technologies and hopefully operate long enough to provide more opportunities.

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